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Beautiful , to see !!

oscar worthy helena

Who would've thought that there was a time where mental patients didn't have a say in their medical care? Fortunately, for those original 150,000 patients in California, and the many that came after them, Eleanor and Colette did not rest until they found justice! The connection between Eleanor and Colette was beautifully captured by Helena and Hillary. This movie is a must-watch!.


I had the pleasure of watching this important film recently at a conference and as an attorney who represents individuals with disabilities in psychiatric institutions, I found it moving and wonderfully done.  I would like to see this trailer and the film close-captioned, though, and if possible audio-described as well, so that it can be accessed by more individuals with different disabilities as well!  :).


Wir haben gerade 2:07 Uhr, sprich mitten in der Nacht und ich bin gerade aus mehreren Gründen am weinen....

This movie has a message, yes, but first and foremost it's terrific entertainment. Helena Bonham Carter is amazing. This movie really grabbed me. Highly recommended.

I'm so excited for this movie

Amazing acting.





  • 1000 / 1000